The Golden Rule:

Don’t be a dick.

Don’t go against others. Don’t do offensive things. Don’t Be That Guy. Don’t break the rules. When in doubt, don’t. Just don’t be a dick.

The community is 18+ only.
If you’re playing – you automatically agree with all that rules to not violate them.


  1. Racism, religious intolerance, etc. If most people would think it’s hate speech, it’s likely the admins will, too. False statements of racism to wreck someone will meet the same fate as racist remarks.
  2. Harassment, threats, doxing, supporting terrorist activity, making public your wish for people here to die, motivating people to commit harm to themselves, etc. You’re a dick.
  3. Obvious spam. We all know it when we see it. Any form
  4. Ban evasion
  5. Using hacks, exploits, security breaches, bugs against others in the game and admins.
  6. Any real-money-trading (RMT) is bannable too. Also, we offer honeypots for people who wish to try their luck of abusing game-server and selling items for real money. We can offer some goods for a ‘client’ + ban for ‘seller.’
  7. We don’t provide refunds for donations. It is technically impossible in digital goods.
  8. Being a dick.
  9. Fire starters, Rumor spreaders, toxic players – saying a shit about the game server, other players, admins will receive bans. For example players who deliberately misinform other players, lie, call the server or the administrator by bad words, or fake things, and spoil the reputation of the server, players, or administration will get bans. No exceptions.

We will not tolerate having our judgment or equality repeatedly called into question to cause unrest in the community, addiction to drama, or manipulating us into reversing decisions (ex. “the thing not in rules, so this is not prohibited”).

Simple, is not it?

Our Privacy Policy:

Main here:

The one below, very simple and primitive. But in short: “no guys, we do not use your IP, cookies for find where are you live, we use your data just for managing RO server, nothing more”

  1. Yes, we’re using cookies.
  2. The cookies, IP, email, and username are used for authorization and use on our website only.
  3. No, we don’t use it anyhow. All that we do is collect information about the audience for doing the right ads company to grow the game server’s popularity.
  4. No, we don’t sell, share, abuse anyhow your private information.
  5. No, we don’t store any of your private data except donation transactions.
  6. Yes, we can store and, from time to time, use your email to contact you with some related to the game server offers. If you want to avoid such notifications, you can always click ‘unsubscribe’ in a received email.
  7. We’re not a marketing company. We do not analyze your data except cases like above (for seeing if our server grows, are players reach to find the game server or not, and how we can improve that).
  8. We’re extremely fair what we do and for what we do.
  9. Technically, in 99% of cases, you can’t remove data from our side about you. But you can try to contact us if you wish completely delete your data from us. We can technically terminate your account and remove your account.
  10. Yes, our privacy policy is easy to understand.
We use cookies in order to give you the best possible experience on our website. By continuing to use this site, you agree to our use of cookies.
Privacy Policy