Force Majeure (temporary connection issues)

Around 20 minutes ago we noticed major connection issues with the game server. The game server currently offline.

Reason: ISP provider where hosted main game server currently experience global problems with hardware.

Provider Official Message

What will happen next?

  1. We have backups to move to another location if current will not be recovered
  2. The game server will be offline maximum for 10 hours. If in the next 10 hours nothing will happen, we will roll-out game server platform on another hosting provider
  3. Keep calm, everything under control. We can’t just move easily, because all hosts paid, tons of money invested, and rolling out whole complex infrastructure pretty time consuming task, and require a lot of money, energy, and time. So better to wait extra few hours until the problem will be resolved. We strongly believe that our hosting provider currently focused on the fixing the problem and everything will back to normal state after very short interval. Anyway. That does not mean that we sitting and doing nothing. We started to roll out software on new infrastructure, but while we configuring new servers, we still have a hope in ressurection of the main game server.

We’re sorry about this problem.

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