A great new update! Yay

Hello, dear players. In this update, we have tried to implement many changes to improve the gaming experience significantly.
Below is a list and description of the changes. Please, while reading the changelog, close the client and run the patcher to install the update.

Battlegrounds Changes (@gobg / @joinbg)

Erundek items, and overpriced items.

We only left the original items at Erundek. All other very powerful which could be previously obtained only from Battlegrounds moved to different parts of the world.
For example, most items have been moved to Quest Collector (the first two menu items).
Some items can be obtained from the monster’s drop, and some can be made with a quest.

We also thought about BG and decided to limit the schedule of battlegrounds temporarily.
Purpose of change: to concentrate all players on Battlegrounds during peak hours and days.
Battlegrounds will therefore only run on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

We’ve added additional Porigns Coins rewards for participating in Battlegrounds.
The number of coins depends on winning the battle. Therefore, the better you fight, the better for you.

Items that added to monster drops:

Massive changes in items and shops

We have officially launched the Poring Coins exchange for Cashpoints.
To do this, you need to talk to NPC Angel.

Since you now have the ability to charge Poring Coins, we’ve added items behind the Cashshop button.
In the game, you will estimate the number of items needed in the game located in this menu. Take advantage.

In addition, we have improved the game system (entertainment, events).
The requirements for starting the game have changed, but the prizes have increased by 5 times, which will make the game an attractive place to farm Poring Coins.

Where else can I get Poring Coins?
We have calculated that it is quite realistic to make up to 100 Poring Coins from one character per day.
For that, you can complete a few hunter missions, kill a few MVPs, participate in Battlegrounds, and play mini-games with friends.
As a result, if you don’t get caught up, you could very well earn up to 100 Poring Coins a day.

We’ve also reduced the prices of the costumes by a factor of 5.
Please don’t get confused. Cashshop sells original items, not costumes.
To convert the cashshop item into a costume, you will need to get a Costume Exchange Ticket and use it at the costumer to change the original into a costume.
This is why there is a price difference between the Cashshop button and the NPC Cashshop Preview

Reduced Price for services from Announcer and Branch Rental Room Flower of Pets.

Fixed annoying announcements from different systems like PVP arenea.
Just type the commands on the screen, and everything will be perfectly clean for you in the chat.

A huge load was delivered to the review box.
Rumor is saying that this is a limited offering, and every player has to pay attention to this NPC and Box in Prontera.
Since this box is full of surprises and gifts, try to read what the box will write to you, you don’t have a lot of time, the box will be gone on Monday for repairs.

P.S. we’re also started work on Streamer Package. Probably in the next update, we will release it. If you have a youtube channel and subscribers, we can offer you a special page in return for more players in the game. Deal?

We’ve, like promised before, improved our CDN, game host, proxy servers and tried to make the best latency for a big slice of our audience.

Thank you for your time and reading. Please spread information about the server, review us, vote for us, share links to our website with your friends on Discord, Facebook, other social media.

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