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We offer for you to try a new friendly 99/70 Ragnarok Online with thousands of hats, quests, hunting and mob systems, MVP rewards, events and many more features to try in the game. With All the necessary NPC and @commands. Easy to start, easy to get what you want

Levels and Episode

Max Level and job: 99/70

Episode 13.2, PRERE

Max Stats & apsd: 99/190

Instant Cast: 150 dex

Midrate Ragnarok Online

Ideal Server Rates

Experience rate: x150

Normal Cards: 1%

Boss Cards: 0.01%

Normal Equip: x50

Boss Equip: x5

Built for all

New International server

Main Language: English

NoLag Proxy System

Anticheat Protection

Agile WoE Timing

Server status: ONLINE

Please join the game!

The game server just launched not long ago.

New exciting super cool RO server that you must try

The server very good (c)

Harmoniously extended the basic episode of gameplay

Player leveling

Convenience is supreme

Implemented nearly everything that you require for a comfortable gameplay like: NPCs, commands, items, quests, client UI, RCX, mixed events, and live support.

Long-term participation candidate

We will be upgrading the game server on a long-term basis and adding extensions to the game (systems, commands, new items) that we have created. But initially, you will have a wide variety of choices available to you from your preferred style of play.

Attention to detail

Implemented small but many patches to solve frequent problems in the game with some skills, fixed built-in game exploits and abuses and some old classic bugs in the game. In addition, there are many changes, all aimed at maintaining a comfortable balance between the different classes in the game.

WoE, PVP, BG Friendly

We have designed the infrastructure for a comfortable and exciting battle mode between players or monsters. We are fully prepared for WoE, PVP, Battlegrounds, MVP. So play with your friends or against an enemy, and you'll love it.

We help you have an enjoyable time playing RO with friends

Ragnarok Online is our weakness and passion. We love this game. And we have tried to implement the boldest ideas from the players' point of view. What would be fun and interesting to play with

May the Force be with you

Wherever you go or do, the various game systems will be a nice addition for you to achieve maximum results: achievement systems, quests, missions, freebies.

Regular Events

Strike first. Strike Hard. No Mercy

We offer a toolkit for building ANY class to be strong in battles like PVP, BG, WoE or Events. Equal conditions for showing your skill in the game against others.

Built-IN RCX into Client

Nobody's perfect, but me

Build your own style with: Costumer, switch system, 1000+ beautiful hats, palettes. 50+ nice pets, custom hairstyles, colors, carts, title ranks, and other instruments.

What NPC do you have?

Healer, Buffer, Identifier, Warper with access to MVP locations, Tool Dealer with all required consumables, Job Changer, Skill/stats reset, build manager, freebies on job change, freebies NPC. PVP and BG Arenas and warpers. Enchanters, Cards Remover, Costumer (convert headgear to costume and vise versa), stylist, emperium break tester, plagiarism manager, Party Quester, Quest Girl, Taekwon Girl, Events Handler, Announcer, mall room, and so on and so on.

tl;dr: we cover almost ALL classes, all needs by NPCs and features. Most of the NPC in the Prontera

What @commands do you have?

You can type: @commands in the game, and you will see a list of around 80+ commands (many developed by us). But here, we will list the most important ones for players: @storage, @spb, @restock, @vsync, @noask, @go, @event, @joinbg, @request. In addition, we have commands for almost any type of gameplay or object in the game: homunculus, pets, players-related commands, commands for any games, events and so on.

Do you have Events?

We're proud of the event system that we made for the server. We have automatic events that players can decide to join or not (active almost always). Tons of rewards are based on your participation in the events. There are PVP events, monster, MVP related events. But the diamond of the events it's custom hand-made events by event GMs. After the opening, we will announce inviting to Event Team for doing automatic events. You have a chance to become an Eventor with unlimited possibilities to entertain yourself and people.

About WoE, guild packs, freebies, and so on

Our goal was to create a very flexible platform for different needs and players from different countries.

If you have a guild – come and participate on the server. We don't have plans to give out guild packs initially, but maybe we will in the future. Yes, we have everything you need for a full-pack War of Emperium, large-scale PVP and BG battles. But it all depends on the interest of the guilds in the game on this server. So come, and call your friends and your enemies to participate on the server. We have implemented basic "gifts" to those who come to play on the server. But we don't have gift packs per player or guilds at the moment. Perhaps they will appear in the future.

About mechanic fixes

It is now 2021. We all played Ragnarok before 2010. But after 2010, massively different emulators began introducing changes to the mechanics that affect different skills, such as Meteor Storm, Land Protect, Dance Songs, Abracadabra, etc.

Our server applied various point fixes corresponding to server mechanics episodes and experience back in 2005-2010. The point of the change is to make a balanced game. We've fixed many bugs in the skills, in the mobs logic, in the default NPC and commands. We have added delays and protections for the game, all aimed at fighting against cheaters. All of these changes, in general, allow you to fully and comfortably play on the game server.

2021 | Poring.Monster Ragnarok Online

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Extract files and run Poring Patcher

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